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The history of Anne-Frank-School

Just before our school was founded there were strong reactions from the public. The reader's columns of newspapers were overcrowded with statements, attacks, suspicions underlining the efficiency of the traditional German education system.

February 16th 1989 the school got the go.ahead in Bargteheide with 13 yes votes, 6 no votes and 2 abstentions. Bargteheide town council, together with other communities and the Stormarn regional council got instructions to form a common school association, which would be responsible for the project. However, the negotiations failed and Bargteheide town became the only responsible body. The school office had to work with the Stormarn's council to keep the legal rights of the school. The council had to inform parents of future pupils about the structure of the IGS (comprehensive school). There were some local politicians, who wanted to banish the school to the outermost school catchment area. They tried, for example, to shift the IGS out ot the existing school bus network and into another town.

In 1990 pupils of the Anne-Frank-School celebrated their first day in the gym of nearby 6th form high school. At this point there were only seven teachers employed at the school. The first classrooms were a small  extension of the elementary school and they hat to use the same toilets and playground. The school didn't have it's own building for three years. The classes were scattered around the neighboring schools. Afterwards, they decided to build a new school building for the elementary pupils and change the old school building into the necessary classrooms. In 1996 the school was finally big enough to hold all the pupils from the Anne-Frank-School. After ten years existence in 2000, the Ganztagszentrum (day center) was finished.

In 1995 the first pupils graduated from the school with a final exam with a certificate. In 1996 the first secondary students reached the level for the grammar stream. The first grammar exams were taken in 1999. In the same year the Anne-Frank-School was recognized as a UNESCO Project School. Due to not yet having a main hall, the celebrations for this took place in 2000 - together with our 10th anniversary. 

Today the school is accepted by the community and receives more and more applications - which lead to a great number of rejected applications.  t that since 2008/09 there are 4 classes for each year didn't solve the problem. There are muchmore applications for the 104 places. The rooms in the school building were no more sufficient. So the town had to decide to build a new building which was finished in 2011, including two new rooms for music. New rooms had to be built for natural sciences and arts, too. If you wish to know more about the never-ending building story, then please click here.

As a reward for our hard work, in 2013 we were awarded the first prize of the German School award for the best school in Germany. This gives the motivation to carry on with intended aim and to develop more. In September 2015 we had our 25th Anniversary with one week festivity celebration.