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Special projects

Campus der Visionen

The Campus of vision

We are in the process of developing the “Campus of Vision”. It’s going to be a place of problem solving and practical handling of many different projects. Our aim is that our students should grow by gaining more challenges and have more room for personal development, and this outside the school ground. For this we would like to have

The Campus of vision

where projects are possible that go in the direction of self independence and self experience.

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climate project

Das Klimaprojekt im naturwissenschaftlichen Profil

Since more than 10 years our 12th class students cooperate with Max-Planck-Institut für Metereologie and German "Klimarechenzentrum" concerning all themes of climate change. Read more:


YES! – YOUNG ECONOMIC SUMMIT – Students as representatives of the economic reality

The YES!-Young Economic Summit is a school project which is organizes by the ZBW- Leibnitz-Information Centre Economics in cooperation with the Joachim Herz Foundation and the Institute for Economics (IFW). Anne-Frank-School is one of the 14 active project schools of YES! – Young Economic Summit 2015 and since 2013 participant. The YES! Transfers to the students information and media competence, responsibility and economical education. Students are given the tools for digital age period and develop results for the necessary challenge of our time…read more:“YES!”


After the Comenius-Project regarding the 2nd world war out of the view of children – a further Comenius project for ecological questioning was finalized. Here you can see the film “Dance of life”. Soon these projects will be given a new name: Erasmus plus. More information soon regarding our new project and label.

German School Academy

In April 2015 the German School Academy was founded at Berlin. Representatives of our school attended the celebrating act. Many schools took part in flashmobs. This is our part.
The Website der Schulakademie informs you of all interesting facts.