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The specified art group can show examples of what art production we offer under this link.


Science is an integrated lesson and includes the traditional studies such as biology, chemistry and physics. We teach in this form the classes 5-10 each 4 hours. In the 7th class the research and practice is included with 2 hours. Also parallel to this in the lesson health we teach home economics.

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Languages at our school

Languages are


….the goal to the world

….the key to other cultures

And that is why languages play an important role at the Anne-Frank-School.

As a UNESCO-Project-School we support the inter-cultural learning of our students. We would like them to develop an interest for foreign cultures and give them the opportunity to learn other ways of life and to understand and respect them. The foreign language lessons at our school are playing a front role when gaining the development of inter-cultural competence.

Which languages can be taught at our school?

  • English as 1st foreign language from the 5th class
  • French as a 2nd foreign language from 7th class (WPI)
  • Spanish as 2nd foreign language from 7th class or as an entire new language from 11th class


Technic is a 4 hourly lesson, it can be chosen as an alternative from 7th class to another foreign language (French/Spanish), Economics or design. All WPI-lessons lead to, providing they are attended to throughout, to a promotion into the upper stream.

Students who chose technic were very successful at the Lütting-Competition 2014. They worked on the subject alternative energy forms. Our technic garden now has solar panels which recharge our electrical screwdrivers and two small wind energy facilities. Here you can have a look at the presentation where the project is introduced in Kiel and experience the supports we receive.

In 2016/17 a new LuettIng-project started: a roboter, which can be present in lessons for ill students.