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Theatre.... Theatre...

For many years we have an extensive theatre group work which is run by Angelika Weltgen. At the beginning it was like in every school just a teamwork group. The end result was a theatre performance – e.g. at school celebrations. Also there was never enough time in order to develop more. Even the professional side was unsatisfactory. That is why several teachers decided to take an extensive course in Theatre management and a whole new concept was issued:

  • the Theatre project of the 9th class
  • the compulsory studies for acting performance
  • Theatre groups – especially for the younger classes
  • our annual Talent Show

Talent show

Our Talent Show

Every Year the students from the 5th upto 9th form participate in the main school hall which is completely sold out. It is a “sweep away” program where they can show their creative talents. The audience is virtually out of their seats and with the summer temperatures  you have southern European atmosphere. With the wide opened windows to the park side you tend to get the feeling you are in an “open air” festival. During the break the guests can take a visit to the students art works and take some refreshments.

The Theatre Project in the 9th form

The Theatre Project in the 9th form

The complete 9th form- 104 students – work together in the preparations and performance of a yearly theatre project. Everything is done by themselves: the scenery, accompanying music. The lighting, the stage technics, the marketing, the documentation and sometimes the play. That needs an enormous coordinating of where five teachers are involved in performing game, art, music, costumes and theatre management. The idea behind this is that each student gets the experience of basic creativity in his/her life. And of the many different ways of working on a project which are necessary to have success.

The first project in 2004/05 was a big success. The performed play was “The special life of Hilletje Jans”. Since then this is a fixed project in our school program. A follow-up in 2006 was “Das Festland”, 2007 “Im Park”, 2008 “Barblin”, 2009 “Alles friedlich, alles cool?” – A piece referring to mobbing, 2010 „2050-a day in November“ referring to the climate change, 2011 Shakespeare: “A midsummer night’s dream”.

The production 2012 was: “Europa am Strand”, 2013 “Die Bürgschaft”, 2014 "Animal Lounge",2015 "Schwimmen lernen - kein Spiel für Prinzen" and 2016 "Marco37". Photos of the last performance are shown in the gallery.

Project Weeks

Planning Project week

Planning weeks are not just play week project with any topic. They are part of the class lessons where the topics are named or layed down from the class team. For e.g. topics such as  “Anne-Frank”, “sexuality” and “violence prevention” in the 6th class, a technic week for bicycles in the 7th class. We have three planning project weeks per year, one in autumn, one at mid-term and one at Easter. Also the school year begins with form teachers engaged in form days.

All class trips – except study trips in the upper stream – are concerned during this week, also one of the two weeks training in 8th and 9th class. This minimizes the lesson breakdown.

The results of the week are presented in exhibitions or similar.