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School dinners – how does this work?

The new pay system starts from 15.12.2014. The payment is made by a chip or the up to now regular used bank card – whereas the payment function here is not used anymore.. The terminal in the day centre has been removed. The future payments are now made by bank transaction in advance.

  1. For advance payment the caterer’s account no. and PIN for internet orders you can receive when registering the chips/dinner vouchers. The chip can bought for 4,70 € in the secretary office. Here the registration also takes place.
  2. All registered bank cards still keep their validity. Students who already have these, must report to the secretary office in order to receive the bank transaction details.
  3. Now advance payment must be made. Please do not forget the purpose details. For contact with the caterer:
  4. As soon as the money is credited to the account – you can order via internet:

Any receiver of government social benefits get an additional support from the school trust: the school dinner cost 1 € less. The applicable proof has to be shown at the secretary’s office when registering the bank card.

You can still pay by cash. Dinners without advanced ordering is difficult for the caterer when he has to calculate the costs, they are 0,60 € more. Advanced ordering is of course an advantage. More courage because the new system is not so difficult.

School dinners are served daily from 12.00 h – 14.30 h, Fridays only up to 14.00 h. In the mornings apart from the dinners the canteen offers a wide range of delicious food.

Any further questions please contact our secretary’s office (Tel. 04532-2078-0).