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parent commitee

Our School-Parent Committee


This is very important to us because the cooperation between school and parents is a main focus of the combined educational work with the students. That is why the School-Parent Committee is not only a form of committee but is totally integrated in the school development.


1st committee member Henrik Bustorf
 Vice Nadine Scherhans
 Members Andrea Krüger
  Anja Grobareck
  Bernd Schwarz
  Ilse Hans
  Michael Kröger
  Susanne Böhrs
  Yvonne Müller
  Volkmar Zwoll



class parent board


  • The parent representatives of a class build the class parent board. Voting takes place in 5th/7th/9th and 11th classes each for 2 years.
  • Per class there are a minimum of 2 parent representatives voted. The voted parent representatives then choose their chairman (1st parent representative) and then the deputy.


  • The class representative is responsible for organizing the parent evening. This includes the appointment in agreement with the class teachers, listing the topic points, invitation distribution to parents and teachers and the chairman.
  • The class parent representative can at any time call for a parent evening, even without the participation of the teachers. Also invitations can be sent to any other field teacher, if necessary.


  • The class parent representative takes a middle role between the teachers and parents. The representative is available for both parties and can, if necessary, mediate, take up information and pass it on.
  • The ways of communicating is open to all. The data privacy protection has to be observed.


The members of the class parent representatives participate in the following meetings:

  • Report conference
  • Class conference
  • School parent meetings

school parent board


  • Per class there are 2 members voted for the school parent board. Out of these voted members of the school parent board the board members are voted. This can involve any number of members. The school parent board votes
    • a chairman. The chairman is the direct communicating partner to the teachers, the field teachers and the school management.
    • a deputy chairman
    • a secretary
  • all voted for 2 years


  • Contact and exchange of information with the school management and field teachers
  • Contact and exchange of information with the student representative
  • Information and discussions regarding current themes
  • Pass on information and results of the discussions in the classes
  • Preparation and participation of the school conference, field conference, board and working groups
  • Report conference
  • Every 6 months of the school year and class a report conference takes place
  • Representative of each class is the form teacher, class teacher and field teacher and minimum one but maximum two members of the class parent board of each class
  • The day of the report conference each participating parent representative is allowed to sight the report file of the class
  • In the report conference the grades and/or the judgment of each student is discussed and a decision is made of which course is applicable