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Café (K)Anne

Welcome to our Cafeteria…

 We don’t know how often this has been said, but it is a fact that since 2008 this cafeteria is solid institution at break times.

Here the students learn how to run a small company and how and  what structure is needed, what tasks have to be done, how customer service works,  how to satisfy the staff and also to make a profit – all this is practiced by our school company Cafeteria. Besides organizing the bakery side – which is delivered by a local bakery, they also offer beverages and every day school items.

The sales and displaying of the shop belongs to the important duties of the sales teams, where as in the background the accounting/marketing is managed and for e.g. according to the season – special sales events are organized. The more variation  offered, the more success we have. The surpluses made are paid out on a salary basis.