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Sponsoring Association

 Sponsoring Association of the Anne-Frank School Bargteheide e.V.

1990 the sponsoring association was founded by the parents. With great pleasure and enthusiasm we sponsor all students of the Anne-Frank School in all fields.

If necessary we offer financial help and support the school activities for e.g. at the school fete or on open day. There we have a stand and all the students can get information regarding our support and the actual projects as well as the school dress. Our information cabinet you will find outside the teacher’s room.

Our association statutes (German only) and the board members you will find here.


 Only 1 Euro per month

All parents, teachers, sponsors, who would like to support the pupils, join the promotion board and become a member, even your grandparents can! The membership fee is only 1 Euro per month!

Naturally a larger amount can be donated and transferred to the account.

Account no. 130013535

Bank Code: 21352240 at the Sparkasse Holstein.


IBAN:  DE37213522400130013535


 Our projects

What do we do with the money?

We support a number of acquisitions and projects at the school. A complete list would take up too much time, so here is a small list of things we support, buy and organize:

  • . Beamer, Notebooks, flat monitors
  • . Music instruments, Art tools, microphones
  • . Sewing machines
  • . Bike workshop
  • . Development of school building, school yard, school garden#
  • . Plant care.
  • . Table football in the break room
  • . Exhibitions and lectures
  • . Theatre projects and school competitions.
  • . Intention week
  • . Courage seminar
  • . Annual book
  • . Chair pillows which can be borrowed
  • . Pupils part-exchange. school tours, class outings
  • . Wasp groups
  • . Everything to do with school uniform

How we work

This is how we work

We meet at least twice a year to discuss important matters. At autumn time we have our main annual meeting and all parents and teachers of the school receive a written invitation.

Fund applications can be made throughout the year. If you would like to receive an application form, then please apply for these at the secretary’s office. Fill in the form and return to the secretary. The board together with the school management will then check each application.

As a fund raiser we also try to get external support and also apply by ourselves for e.g. at the Rotary Club and Bank fund. The more supporting money we raise the more support can be given.

class uniforms

Our School uniform

Our AFS school uniform outfit offer different sweatshirts, T-shirts and sweat jackets  from the Hakro company at a fair price.

Everything that is offered you can have a look at it and also try it on here.

Embroidery company Krohn

Manager Ute Krohn

Bahnhofstr. 1

22941 Bargteheide


Choose your type of embroidery  and uniform in the colour and style you want at the shop -  and get it embroidered.

Payment is made directly when ordering in the shop at a moderate AFS price and then collect them when ready.

Of course we will show you more of the uniform styles on the many different accassions we have – such as parent day,  school enrolement day and school fetes. The order is always made directly at the shop Krohn.

The prices for the clothes you can find here.