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Job and Life Orientation


The Job and life orientation of our students has always been very important to us. That is why we have created an extensive range which we call “Job orientation table”. It starts in the 6th class and goes as far as the university orientation of the upper streams. Important parts are:

  • -          The strengthening seminar in the 7th class
  • -          The practical seminar in firms in the 8th and 9th class
  • -          The yearly JOB Fair
  • -          The close cooperation with the unemployment office
  • -          The Job starter support for weaker students from 8th class to 1st apprentice year
  • -          The economic week in the grammar stream
  • -          The event “School, University, Job in view” with the local Rotary Club
  • -          High School and University test days
  • -          The cooperation with our partner firms