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With this website we would like to give you a good information basis what our school has to offer.


The German School Prize Winner

The prize money for the German School Prize 2013 we will invest in the Campus Visions – an external school learning place of which we are still looking for. More information can be found on our separate website:  

We are one of the initiative schools in the Network of School development Schleswig-Holstein and would like to contribute and spread good practical school learning in Schleswig-Holstein.

New and interesting    

The 27th and 28th of April 2016 we presented the new theatre project of the 9th year. Here is the Link to the website for more information.

Get information concerning our upper stream YES - Young Economic Summit – and the Climate project under “Specials” (Besonderes) projects. There you will also find interesting information on Comenius/Erasmus+.           

Since July 2016 we are recertificated as "Kompetenzzentrum Begabtenförderung" for the next 5 years.